1 hour live virtual mini-hackathons by OMNIA

You are just some easy steps away from learning how to protect your blockchain activity from malicious threats in the most private, secure and decentralized way. No coding required.


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DeFi Toronto - Protecting transactions from being frontrunned. No coding required

11:00 PM - 01:00 AM UTC



Endpoints - How to obfuscate transactions for Ethereum. No coding required

12 pm EST / 6 pm CET

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What’s a HackathOMN?

A hackathon by OMNIA - 1 hour of learning that you just can not miss. Omnia provides you secure RPC endpoints with high availability to access the blockchain, and you are very close from accessing it without being traced or monitored, in an easy way that will protect you from malicious threats.


Meet your HackathOMNers


Diogo Tavares
I bought Bitcoin in 2012 when it was $7. I could have been a whale, but the teenager in me wanted his $10 back - so I became a fanboy. I can tell my kids I was there when Ethereum went live. I saw Dash, Devcoin, Yacoin, Stellar, and Monero all come to life. I survived the 2017 ICOs, and a few rug pulls. I’m proud to say that I was part of incredible teams that built great things. I’m confident that Web3 is leading us towards a better world. I invite you to join me.

Special guests

Cristian Lupascu
CEO and Co-founder of OMNIA. Recognized globally for his research and work in blockchain, cloud security and cryptography. Earned his Ph.D in privacy-enhancing technologies.
Alexandru Lupascu
CTO & Co-founder of OMNIA. Actively involved in global community efforts to advance privacy and secure computation techniques. Serial entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor.

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