Untraceable blockchain nodes infrastructure

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Currently blockchain node infrastructure is centralized and poses threats to the ecosystem.

Your data, privacy and your security are at risk every time you access the blockchain. Omnia’s solution is truly decentralized and requires zero technical knowledge.


Omnia's infrastructure consists of blockchain nodes and privacy relayers


Node owners register their nodes through a simple web interface provided by Omnia


Privacy relayers index these nodes, and use a mixnet to ensure privacy is protected


Users access the blockchain via RPC endpoints for any of the networks we support


The power of decentralization works hand in hand with privacy to provide an unmatched node provider service.

Privacy and security at a critical point of the process

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. While privacy solutions exist, access to blockchain remains unprotected or prohibitively complex and expensive

Unique obfuscation of traffic to ensure privacy

Even if your requests are not being monitored, your anonymity can still be compromised by monitoring your traffic behaviour.

A fully decentralized approach to node providers

Having a centralized approach creates a central point of failure, compromising security and leaving the system at risk from hackers and malicious actors.

Decentralized ecosystem based on incentives

In standard blockchain ecosystems, only mining nodes are incentivized. With Omnia, non-mining nodes are also rewarded.

No monitoring of blockchain requests

Requests to node providers can be tracked and monitored. This compromises your privacy. Furthermore, it gives traders an unfair advantage from your metadata.

No need to synchronize and maintain a node

Nowadays, accessing the blockchain without a provider requires deep technical expertise and computer resources, taking days to set up.


We decentralize the blockchain ecosystem, network by network, and step by step

Q4 2021

Omnia MVP

  • HTTP endpoint available
  • Endpoints will leverage privacy enabled gateway
  • Nodes managed by Omnia
  • Support for ETH, BSC, and BTC

Q1 2022

Omnia Early Access

  • Lightweight relayer software available to download and use
  • Secure mixnets enabled

Q2 2022

Omnia Public Launch

  • Support for WebSockets
  • Node verification protocol enabled
  • OMNIA token in use for accessing services
  • Staking and rewards for node providers and privacy relayers

Omnia's team consists of strong professional individuals with academia background and extensive expertise in crypto and cyber security.

Cristian Lupascu
Alexandru Lupascu
Aleksandras Gaska
Iman Hossini
Catalin Dumitru
Full-stack developer

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