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Create and Deploy an OMNIA Node

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What is an OMNIA Node?

At its core, OMNIA is a decentralized infrastructure protocol where anyone can join and expand the network by either generating endpoints or setting up nodes for rewards. In this article, we will discuss the creation and deployment of an OMNIA node. A node is a piece of hardware (computer) that processes or gives you data and contains a full copy of the blockchain’s transaction history. Nodes are a critical component to blockchain infrastructure. They run the protocol software of a decentralized network and serve as a communication hub for network tasks.     

The lack of decentralization in a blockchain network is a significant challenge, and it goes against the core principles of the technology. Issues related to lack of decentralization include security risks, central points of failure with outages disrupting wallets, exchanges, dApps, and the risk of censorship when node control is concentrated in the hands of a few providers. To improve a network’s decentralization, every user should run their own node on it, as nodes help verify blocks and transaction data, which is where OMNIA comes in. OMNIA created a decentralized infrastructure protocol for securely accessing the blockchain so that no single point of failure will ever disrupt blockchain applications or wallets integrating with it.

OMNIA makes it easy to register and manage nodes on their platform. By registering your OMNIA node, you help decentralize access to the blockchain and maintain its high availability while generating passive income based on the node’s performance. OMNIA creates a solution that allows anyone to host nodes on their desktop or cloud provider. Node runners are guided through the options to customize their subscriptions and add their own devices as OMNIA network nodes through its easy-to-use web interface. This article explains how OMNIA works, reward mechanisms, and running a blockchain node on the OMNIA infrastructure. 

OMNIA is Incentivizing Users to Run Nodes 

Our managed access node service makes it easy for users to earn rewards by running a node and/or staking. We invite users with limited or advanced abilities to participate as a node runner. 

  • Register your existing nodes

Bring your own nodes to our platform. Onboard and register your node service for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Aurora networks is currently LIVE

  • Deploy your own node (coming soon)

This service will be available in Spring 2023, enabling users to deploy a node directly on OMNIA’s platform. 

  • OMNIA Staking (coming soon)

Users will be able to stake $OMNIA tokens and earn rewards. To join the OMNIA network, node providers must stake OMNIA tokens. They should commit to their defined performance metrics (availability, RPS quota, etc.). Use the OMNIA calculator to help with APY. The rewards will decrease if a node runner’s performance does not consistently match the pledged number. Furthermore, if OMNIA detects malicious behaviors against the network’s benefit, users will get slashed and lose the staked tokens.

Maximize Your Returns as a Node Runner 

Check out OMNIA’s APY Node Calculator here. It’s the ultimate tool for calculating your node’s annual percentage yield and optimizing your staking strategy. Based on a user’s selected SLA level, network, and RPS, OMNIA performs an initial short-stress test to evaluate the performance of your node.

What Are the Benefits of Running an OMNIA Node?

OMNIA brings in a technical solution via a decentralized infrastructure protocol. There are many benefits of choosing to be an OMNIA node runner vs. a basic blockchain node. 

  • Onboarding with OMNIA does not require advanced technical expertise. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that guides users through the process of customizing their subscriptions and adding their own devices as OMNIA network nodes.
  • Unlike centralized node providers, who do not incentivize node owners when they share their resources, users will get rewarded simply by running their nodes and maintaining the network.
  • OMNIA’s approach of securing and running truly decentralized nodes helps avoid the types of serious problems that brought down centralized services, like the infamous Ethereum outage in 2020 or AWS outage in 2021, making users less vulnerable to such attacks.
  • OMNIA does not collect metadata since the traffic goes through mixnets, making all transactions technically anonymous.

This article details the many benefits of running an OMNIA node and why it stands out among other providers.

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Liza Horowitz

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