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‘’: The Ultimate Frontrunning Checker

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Ever wondered if your DeFi transaction was unfairly manipulated? Just as “Have I Been Pwned” alerts you to potential data breaches, OMNIA unveils ‘’ to safeguard your DeFi trades.

Frontrunning in DeFi isn’t merely an annoyance—it’s a rampant issue affecting hundreds daily. Sites like even maintain a leaderboard to highlight its prevalence. To break it down, frontrunning occurs when malicious actors exploit pending transactions, acting on them before they’re finalized, often causing financial losses.

How to Check for Frontrunning:


Step 1: Enter any of the following addresses to check for frontrunning activity:

  • 0x92049c7a34b5884ae5fd1dde185b0156cfca3baead299d94913389adb89ba370
  • 0x9dc79dd5147baea0be9c151b0d0ce956a59db361b82a70e3b5485bff033f4c07
  • 0x3e665c115a737b98f576fd4f63a971583a1e9ebd768e9775ae11a571c0ea361c

‘’ – More Than Just a Tool:

It’s a DeFi trader’s shield, alerting you to potential risks in real-time. With OMNIA’s cutting-edge backing, our tool guarantees pinpoint accuracy, offering crucial insights every DeFi trader should have.

But there’s more: every Ethereum and BSC transaction is fortified with OMNIA’s advanced protection, shielding you from potential frontrunners. This unparalleled protection? It’s yours, completely free.

Our ambition is clear and relentless. OMNIA is set to expand its frontrunning protection to platforms including Polygon, Avalanche, Aurora, and Arbitrium. The goal? A fortified, more secure DeFi environment for all.

In DeFi’s dynamic landscape, proactive measures aren’t just beneficial—they’re essential. With ‘’ and OMNIA’s holistic protection, you don’t just trade; you trade with reinforced confidence.

Don’t gamble with your DeFi transactions. Embrace OMNIA’s top-tier protection today at zero cost. Visit and secure your trades without delay.

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