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MEV Resistant RPCs for DeFi Traders

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The DeFi landscape with all its innovation, is not without its challenges. DeFi traders have to navigate a myriad of complexities, from Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bots, transaction failures, honeypot and frontrunning attacks to name a few.

MEV refers to the potential profit MEV bots can make by manipulating the order of transactions in a block. This practice, made possible by the transparency of blockchain transactions, can render the original trader’s transaction less profitable or even result in a loss. In DeFi, this can lead to frontrunning, where a bot identifies a pending transaction and places a similar one with a higher gas price to benefit from the anticipated price change. Essentially, MEV is often perceived as a problem in the DeFi space, as it allows certain participants to profit at the expense of others.

OMNIA is Extracting Value Back to the User 

OMNIA’s entry into the MEV space marks a significant step towards addressing the needs of DeFi traders. By offering a range of features that align with what traders are looking for in an RPC, OMNIA is poised to enhance the DeFi trading experience. 

  1. Cashback on MEV Opportunities – OMNIA routes transactions through its unique routing to auction houses, maximizing MEV opportunities and offering cashback to traders.
  1. Reinforced Transactions – OMNIA ensures transactions always execute, eliminating the “transaction not found” errors. Even if a transaction is not seen as an MEV opportunity, it is still broadcasted to the private or public mempool, depending on user’s choice.

OMNIA’s approach to addressing the needs of DeFi traders is twofold. If a transaction is deemed profitable, it is routed to auction houses, and traders share in the revenue as cashback. If not, OMNIA ensures the transaction still gets processed through its “reinforced transaction” features and broadcasts the transaction to the private/public mempool. This dual approach ensures that traders are covered for transaction completeness.

  1. Performance, Performance, Performance – OMNIA’s advanced infrastructure accelerates transactions, offering unmatched speed and efficiency.
  1. Protection from Deceptive Practices – OMNIA safeguards trades from frontrunning, sandwich attacks, and deceptive honeypots. It performs audits of smart contracts and monitors transactions to identify suspicious activity.

Protection from Frontrunning and Honeypot attacks

With an easy-to-use dashboard. Protection automatically injected to endpoints by “enabling” the feature. It’s that simple. 

Crypto Twitter Traders look for Frontrunning protection

Use OMNIA RPC for DeFi traders as MEV protection.

Your DeFi Trading Wishlist, Covered

DeFi traders are increasingly seeking robust solutions to enhance their trading experience. Here are some key features they look for in an RPC:

  • Protection from MEV Bots –  MEV bots exploit traders’ transactions, leading to losses. Traders need an RPC that can shield them from such predatory practices.
  • Private Transaction Pools –  These can save traders from the “hidden tax” of DeFi, potentially saving millions of dollars a day.
  • Reliability and Speed – In the fast-paced DeFi market, traders need an RPC that provides fast and reliable transactions.
  • Prevention of frontrunning – frontrunning is a common issue in DeFi trading. An effective RPC should offer solutions to prevent this.
  • Multichain Communication – You go where the opportunity presents itself, OMNIA supports over 33 blockchains with 12 networks MEV resistant.  
  • Streaming of Pending Transactions and Real-Time Trading Analytics –  For analytics and frontrunning prevention, the ability to stream pending transactions is crucial.  OMNIA’s RPC can provide real-time data about the current state of the network. This can include information about transaction volumes, gas prices, and more. Traders and applications can use this data to make informed decisions.
  • Integrated with MetaMask and BlockWallet –  Traders prefer RPC endpoints that can be integrated with their crypto wallets or trading apps.  Coming soon – TRUST Wallet. 
  • Secure and Private Connections to Protocols –  RPCs should provide secure connections to various protocols for optimal DeFi opportunities.

Launching LIVE in August

As the DeFi landscape continues to evolve, so too will the needs of its participants. It will be interesting to see how OMNIA and other platforms adapt to meet these changing needs.

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