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OMNIA Tokenomics and Token utility

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Omnia Protocol leverages a robust tokenomics ecosystem based on $OMNIA token.

With $OMNIA utility token, users will benefit from fee reductions, Omnia’s exclusive services, staking and incentive options, becoming liquidity providers, and referral/reward systems.

This article will summarize Omnia’s tokenomics. For more details, please follow this link.

$OMNIA Token Metrics

Let’s take a look at Omnia tokenomics.

  • Token type: ERC-20 and BEP-20
  • Token name: OMNIA
  • Total supply: 100,000,000
  • Initial market cap: $1,761,400
  • Initial circulating supply: 7,045,600

Token Sale

Recently we have attracted attention from potential investors who are interested in Omnia’s technology. Therefore, we plan to hold four token sale stages, including Seed/Private/ Strategic round and Venture Capitals/Public Round. Below is the token sale data and economics.

  • Hard cap: $3,495,000
  • Seed — Strategic: $450,000
  • Private — Strategic: $600,000
  • Early VCs Round: $645,000
  • Partners round: $1,570,000
  • Public Round: $230,000

IDO Details

  • IDO date: TBA
  • IDO price: $0.25

Vesting Period and Release Schedule

Please follow the vesting schedule table as demonstrated below:

The chart below depicts how OMNIA tokens will be released in the following months:

OMNIA — Release schedule

As the Omnia ecosystem and aligned incentives grow, the total value locked in tokens will also increase. Therefore, a deflationary token approach benefits all the ecosystem actors and promotes long-term sustainability with healthy gains.

Omnia Token ($OMNIA) Utility

Fee Reduction for Token holders

Omnia provides an untraceable blockchain nodes infrastructure, and token holders can enjoy fee-reduction when choosing Omnia services:

  • 20,000 tokens will equate to a 10% fee reduction
  • 80,000 tokens — 15% reduction
  • 200,000 tokens — 25% reduction

(above token amounts are subject to change due to its increasing value)

Access Omnia services

Users can access Omnia services by spending OMNIA tokens. The services are subscription-based, which can be limited by a time window and a request quota. For example, one can choose a 1-month subscription with a 1000 RPS quota. RPS quota can also be increased afterward.

Benefit from staking

Each node and relayer will be paid in OMNIA tokens: starting from ⅓ of the client fee. Dynamic pricing will temporarily boost node rewards when there are very few available.

Node providers and privacy relayers have to stake OMNIA tokens to join the network. In addition, they must commit to specific performance metrics, and the incentives will be reduced if they do not meet the conditions.

Token Burn from one-third of the subscription fee

Omnia will collect and burn a third of the fee amount in each subscription. This progress will ensure the sustainability of the Omnia ecosystem.

Exclusive Features for Token holders

Those who hold OMNIA tokens will have access to Omnia’s exclusive features.

For example, token holders may generate and use many more endpoints, and their request rate will be higher. Furthermore, token holders will be eligible for Omnia beta testing in the future.

Earn more by providing liquidity

By becoming liquidity providers and contributing the tokens to the DEX liquidity pools, you will ensure that users can trade OMNIA tokens when needed. In addition, we will reward liquidity providers who pledged the USDC/OMNIA pair on Uniswap or BUSD/OMNIA pair on PancakeSwap accordingly by sending half of the fee.

Referral and Reward Systems use only OMNIA Tokens

As an essential feature of our growth strategy, recommendations will become another critical use case for OMNIA tokens. Therefore, layer 1 users, wallets, influencers, social media accounts, blogs, or news media will all receive their referral rewards in the form of OMNIA tokens.

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