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The role of $OMNIA token

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There are cryptocurrencies that have gained traction amongst all others. Now, the OMNIA token is coming and it’s aimed to be a unique player, offering a distinct value proposition. Whether you’re an investor or an enthusiast, understanding the role and significance of this token is essential.

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Closing the Gap, Empowering Users

Unlike its competitors, OMNIA Protocol is on a mission to bridge the divide between MEV extracted by searchers and the users who often miss out on its benefits. By offering unparalleled value and trustworthiness, $OMNIA ensures that users have access to reliable and secure services, all orchestrated by the power of the token itself.

Unleashing the Potential of $OMNIA

The OMNIA token is the lifeblood of the OMNIA Protocol. This token unlocks a world of possibilities, as OMNIA’s commitment to innovation is evident in its seamless integration of DeFi principles to an RPC provider that not only protects but also rewards its users.

                                                 $OMNIA Token Economy Explained

Staking Mechanism:

70% of the revenue generated by OMNIA Protocol is then used to ensure staking pool liquidity, such that yield is ensured for node stakers. The yield is directly correlated with the added value created by monetizing the resources(nodes) that users onboard. This means that individuals who hold OMNIA tokens have the opportunity to earn a yield on their holdings by staking their tokens. Staking involves locking up a certain amount of tokens for a specified period of time, during which the tokens contribute to the network’s security and operations. In return, node stakers holders receive rewards, which are supplied from the Nodes & Ecosystem staking APY pool. The longer one stakes their tokens and the more performant the underlying node on which one staked, the more yield they can potentially earn.

Trust Mechanism:

OMNIA token also serves as a trust mechanism within the platform. Untrusted entities that are part of the aggregators must stake OMNIA tokens to achieve a higher level of trust. By staking tokens, these entities demonstrate their commitment to the platform’s reliability and are able to provide more traffic to the user base. This staking requirement ensures that only trusted entities are involved in the platform, enhancing the overall quality and security of the services provided. Its basic economic security principle, where malicious node behavior attempts will cause stake slashing. 


The staking mechanism within OMNIA is facilitated through community nodes. Each community node is required to stake OMNIA tokens in order to join the network. These nodes commit to specific uptime and synchronization requirements, ensuring that they consistently meet the necessary conditions. If a node fails to consistently meet these requirements, they will experience at first APY reduction, then penalties, which involves a reduction in their staked tokens. This mechanism incentivizes community nodes to maintain a high level of performance and reliability, ultimately benefiting the entire network.


The OMNIA token also acts as a voucher, thus bringing discount benefits when making payments. OMNIA clients have the option to buy subscriptions using OMNIA tokens as vouchers. These subscriptions are customizable and can be parameterized based on the number of requests and a quota. There are also pre-packages subscriptions to simplify the users choice process. By utilizing OMNIA tokens as vouchers,, clients can enjoy the convenience and benefits of the platform while also contributing to the overall demand and value of the token.

A key to innovation:

Token holders also enjoy exclusive features and “access-first” functionality within OMNIA. Beta testing opportunities and limited functionality are made available exclusively to token holders. This gives them an advantage and early access to new features and functionalities, allowing them to stay ahead and fully explore the potential of the protocol.

Fees reduction:

Token holders are rewarded with fee reductions based on the number of tokens they hold. The discount will range from 10% up to 25% if holding tokens between 15k-50k.

These fee reductions incentivize token holders to acquire and hold a larger number of tokens, as it not only provides them with potential yield through staking rewards but also reduces the fees they incur while using the services.

The OMNIA growth

We scaled to more than 10 million users since MVP launch and we are currently processing $3.1 billion monthly in transaction volumes, experiencing significant revenue growth. Our platform protects around 3 million monthly active users (MAU) every 30 days.

For more information, visit the token IDO page.

About OMNIA Protocol 

OMNIA is a leading RPC provider specializing in decentralized physical infrastructures (dePIN), offering unique incentives, rich features such as custom RPC or security checks. Our user base is currently exceeding 3 million monthly active users and we are processing over $3.1 Billion monthly in volumes.

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