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Introducing the OMNIA Points System: OMs

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OMNIA Protocol has been incentivizing its RPC users from a long time ago, in various campaigns such as the DeFi Competition hosted on platform which incentivized people to perform their DeFi activities using OMNIA Protocol RPC.

Not it’s time to formalize it.

This is the natural step forward, after the end of our testnet staking incentivization program ( results here ).

OMNIA Points System

Introducing the OMNIA Protocol points system that covers not only the RPC incentives but also overall community engagement and usage of new product features such as re-staking.
The points are subject to $OMNIA mainnet token airdrop after TGE.

These points are called OMs and they can be earned in 3 ways:
Incentivized RPC usage – earn points as you trade and perform DeFi activities using OMNIA Protocol RPC endpoints
– Be part of OMNIA Community and play an active role when it comes to engagement. You can start here
Re-staking with OMNIA – stay tuned as we’ll release more information on this.

Let’s dive into it.

Incentivized RPC Usage – DeFi

The DeFi users have always been a priority for OMNIA and this is reflected in the RPC features focused on user protection against scams, front-running bots, honeypots etc. – approaches that are frequently targeting DeFi users.

Furthermore, we go even further with being able to extract the good MEV and return it back to the users in the form on rebates and cashback.
It’s already obvious that the higher the DeFi volumes, the better for both users and OMNIA Protocol – thus the objective of continuously incentivizing DeFi users with OMNIA RPC.

For every dollar traded on DEXs through OMNIA RPC, users earn OMs points.
Users can still be able to see their DeFi volume on the platform, and they will be able to claim their OMs points on the (check the App Usage tab)

It’s as simple as switching your wallet’s RPC to OMNIA.

There are other ways to earn points from using the product, for example by generating and using your own private RPC endpoint, or by contributing to the decentralization of networks by either registering or deploying a node. Discover more in the App Usage tab on the community platform.

About OMNIA Protocol 

OMNIA is a leading RPC provider specializing in decentralized physical infrastructures (dePIN), offering unique incentives, rich features such as custom RPC or security checks. Our user base is currently exceeding 3 million monthly active users and we are processing over $3.4 Billion monthly in volumes – an indisputable proof of the crypto industry trust in our systems.

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