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  • AMA Recap: OMNIA Protocol
    AMA Recap: OMNIA Protocol

    8 min read Today’s AMA consisted of 3 parts: ✨ Introductory Session — five general questions ✨ Twitter Session — questions from this tweet ✨ Telegram Live Session — questions asked live on TG Q1 — How and when you have started? How did you get involved in the crypto? What’s your role in OMNIA Protocol ? Cristian:…

  • OMNIA Tokenomics and Token utility
    OMNIA Tokenomics and Token utility

    3 min read Omnia Protocol leverages a robust tokenomics ecosystem based on $OMNIA token. With $OMNIA utility token, users will benefit from fee reductions, Omnia’s exclusive services, staking and incentive options, becoming liquidity providers, and referral/reward systems. This article will summarize Omnia’s tokenomics. For more details, please follow this link. $OMNIA Token Metrics Let’s take a look…

  • OMNIA Protocol partners with ReBlock to Expand into South Korea
    OMNIA Protocol partners with ReBlock to Expand into South Korea

    < 1 minute We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with ReBlock to expand the OMNIA community and facilitate our presence in the South Korean crypto market. Through an effective digital marketing approach and smart partnerships in the region, the cooperation with ReBlock helps us establish a strong community in South Korea, one of Asia’s…

  • OMNIA Protocol — Token utility
    OMNIA Protocol — Token utility

    2 min read OMNIA token is a deflationary utility token that is designed to run OMNIA protocol. There are multiple use cases for the OMNIA token that fuels its utility on both community and product verticals: 👉 Staking to join the network — Node providers and privacy relayers will stake OMNIA tokens in order to join…

  • Omnia Protocol — How does it work ? (Part 1)
    Omnia Protocol — How does it work ? (Part 1)

    2 min read First things first — Omnia’s infrastructure consists of blockchain nodes and privacy relayers which act as decentralized API gateways for accessing the blockchain. Node owners can register their nodes through a simple-to-use web interface provided by Omnia. Consequently, these nodes are indexed by the relayers who leverage mixnets to protect privacy. The users of Omnia can customize…

  • Meet the OMNIA team
    Meet the OMNIA team

    3 min read The OMNIA Protocol team consists of strong professional individuals with academia background and extensive expertise in crypto and cyber security. They have deep knowledge in cryptography and blockchain technologies, with proven track record demonstrated in both industry and peer-reviewed realms: PhD. in data security and privacy, pending patent for privacy-preserving identity management…

  • How is OMNIA Better ?
    How is OMNIA Better ?

    3 min read Untraceable and Decentralized Blockchain Nodes Infrastructure Before making any comparison, it is important to understand the point of reference. This is mainly composed of two aspects: privacy and the infrastructure architecture — centralized/decentralized. Node providers status quo Nowadays, access to blockchain infrastructure is concentrated in the hands of a few corporations. These corporations provide some of the biggest…

  • OMNIA Protocol
    OMNIA Protocol

    3 min read Privacy-first access to blockchains Nowadays, access to blockchain infrastructure is concentrated in the hands of a few corporations. For example, almost 90% of decentralized applications and critical systems running over Ethereum are connected to the same node provider, leaving them at a high risk of becoming unavailable. It happened in November 2020,…

  • Access to blockchain infrastructure — market opportunities and challenges
    Access to blockchain infrastructure — market opportunities and challenges

    2 min read As an up-and-coming player in the blockchain industry, OMNIA believes in combining the power of decentralization with privacy to provide an unmatched node provider service. In this article, we aim to provide a general market overview and list the opportunities and challenges that await us in the future. Opportunities Overview Our market research indicates…