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What’s the difference between OMNIA vs. basic blockchain nodes?

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As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continue taking the world by storm, we are slowly laying building blocks to a future of complete decentralization. And yet, it is still a reality that one centralized entity controls a large portion of the blockchain: AWS holds around 61.6 percent of Ethereum nodes and even controls 32 percent of the entire market.

However, not all is lost. At OMNIA, we dedicate ourselves to creating a convenient and effective answer to this problem. With our stellar academic and security research knowledge, we bring you a technical solution in the form of the OMNIA Protocol.

What makes OMNIA Protocol stand out?

At its core, OMNIA is a decentralized infrastructure protocol where anyone can join and expand our network for rewards. As a result, we are impervious to various attacks, as there exists no single point of failure, and therefore blockchain apps or integrated wallets will never be offline. We also reinforce your off-chain privacy, leveraging the advanced and reliable technology of mixnets.

Fully decentralized infrastructure
A significant issue in the crypto space is that accessing the blockchain without a provider (like AWS) remains quite complicated, requiring technical expertise and computer resources that the everyday person is not familiar with. Even if some people possess the hardware requirements, they lack the necessary technical know-how and don’t know how to proceed.

That’s where Omnia comes in. We make it simple to set up your own node right here in our network. From our simple, easy-to-use web interface, users are guided through the options to customize their subscription and add their own devices as Omnia network nodes.

Afterward, users will even get rewarded by simply running their nodes and sustaining the network. In contrast to centralized node providers who offer nothing to node owners when they share resources, we appreciate your support and commitment to maintaining the future of decentralization and, therefore, always give you hefty rewards.

Secure and private
By securing and running truly decentralized nodes in our approach, we avoid running into serious problems such as the infamous Ethereum outage in 2020 or AWS outage in 2021. We are not vulnerable to the same attacks that can bring down centralized services.

In addition, it’s also important to note that a centralized node provider has access to your metadata. This means that though your transactions are technically anonymous, specific transaction behaviors can be used to link your blockchain activity to your identity. On the other hand, Omnia does not collect any metadata since the traffic goes through mixnets.

Leveraging mixnets for off-chain privacy
We revisit a good old reliable technology in our quest to maintain off-chain privacy. Though they have been around since the days of Tor, mixnets have proved to be sufficient in our hands to protect your private transactions.

Basically, mixnets consist of mix nodes, which absorb your data, shuffle it with data from multiple other users, then spit everything back out in random order to the next mixnode. As a result, one node only has information from two nodes adjacent to it, and after data travels through several of them, no one will be able to know anything about your activity.

So all you have to know is: mixnets = privacy. And by extension: OMNIA = privacy. Well aware that simply using on-chain privacy solutions is not enough, we bridge the gap between the blockchain and application, ensuring even your off-chain privacy is intact.

What to know more about us?

Introducing OMNIA
By foreseeing the state of the current blockchain application network, we have committed to preparing, researching, and applying our technical expertise to our latest project, Omnia.

Omnia Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure protocol for securely accessing the blockchain so that no single point of failure will ever disrupt blockchain applications or wallets integrating with it.

Omnia’s solution is truly decentralized and requires zero technical knowledge. Therefore, all users can set up their nodes in little time and effort. Learn more about the technological marvel behind Omnia by following our Medium or reading our whitepaper.

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