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  • OMNIA on Tour
    OMNIA on Tour

    3 min read This week, the OMNIA team is in Toronto, Canada, to participate in the ETHToronto hackathon event.  Held from August 8th to August 10th, ETHToronto brought together Ethereum developers and enthusiasts from around the world in the city where the project was first ideated by Vitalik Buterin back in 2014 and launched in 2015.  Since then, Ethereum has come a […]

  • Solana Wallet Hack. What happened?
    Solana Wallet Hack. What happened?

    3 min read Earlier this week, the Solana crypto community was rocked by what looked like an unsolvable hack that drained roughly $4.5 million in SOL from several thousand users’ wallets.  An initial estimate by the team at MistTrack had identified 8,000 affected wallets with their funds being siphoned off to four addresses belonging to the alleged perpetrators. Another […]

  • Blockchain Based Privacy Enhancing Technologies
    Blockchain Based Privacy Enhancing Technologies

    4 min read As Web3 continues to evolve and develop, there is an urgent need to focus on privacy on the blockchain in a similar, if not a more advanced manner, than what is available for Web2. Web3 users want to control their privacy on the blockchain and choose when they reveal personal information, such as addresses, transaction […]

  • Software vs. Hardware crypto wallets
    Software vs. Hardware crypto wallets

    6 min read Two to three decades ago, the term wallet was synonymous with a leather pouch or bag that fits in the palm of your hand and pocket. Such a wallet was used to store physical money and identification documents. But the internet and the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 and Ethereum in 2015 have resulted in […]

  • Beginners guide to Web3
    Beginners guide to Web3

    4 min read Web3, DAOs, NFTs, and countless technical terms are confusing, and we get it. We were exactly in the same position when we first encountered them. But with time, the complexity reduces as the experience grows due to interacting with the various digital assets, blockchain networks, and decentralized applications.  Luckily, OMNIA’s team is here to assist […]